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Slatted Fence

The slat fence is made of aluminum slats as the base material, and the columns on both sides are provided with grooves. When installing on site, the slats are inserted into the grooves of the columns on both sides to fix, and the installation is simple and fast. The advantage of aluminum is that there will be no problems such as embrittlement, decay, and rust contiguous pieces. After spraying in the later stage, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays, does not fade, does not yellow, does not peel, does not crack, and does not foam.


Product Features

>  The column groove is embedded and fixed, and the installation is simple and quick.
>  Using high-standard aluminum material, the anti-corrosion effect is better.
>  Adopt international advanced nano-ceramic and electrostatic powder spraying technology.
>  Up to 20 years anti-corrosion guarantee.

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